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Strange Canadian Laws Anyone?

Some laws are well-known, like the Charter Warning, mostly because of television shows where you see cops arresting suspects and reading them their rights. Others are obscure and have to be dug out of large tomes that are mostly gathering dust in law libraries. And yet others are really weird, so much so that you start to doubt their authenticity. But there are laws in every country that make no sense whatsoever, and here is Canada’s share of ludicrous rules:

  • It’s against the law in Nova Scotia to water your lawn when it’s raining.
  • You are not allowed to pay for an item that costs 50 cents in only pennies.
  • You cannot remove bandages in public.
  • Water troughs in your front yard must be filled before 5 am if you live in Ontario.
  • You’re not allowed to climb trees.
  • It’s illegal to drag a dead horse down a street on a Sunday in Ontario.
  • It’s illegal to have an Internet connection faster than 56 Kbps in Ontario! (Really? In this day and age?)
  • If you’re a teen walking down a street in Quebec, you’d better ensure that your shoelaces are tied if you want to avoid arrest.
  • Bicycles have the right of way in Ontario, even though cars are allowed to go at 80 km/hr.
  • Every 5th song played on Canadian radio stations must be by a Canadian.
  • Some areas of Ontario forbid you from putting up a clothesline in your backyard.
  • You’re not allowed to eat ice cream on certain streets in Ottawa on a Sunday!
  • It’s illegal to have more than two colors on your house in Beaconsfield.
  • Montreal does not allow you to park your car in your own driveway if it blocks the path; you’re also not allowed to wash your car on the street.
  • You’re not allowed to ride a moose backwards down the right side of a sidewalk on a Monday between 6 and 7 pm. (Who in their right minds would want to do this in the first place?)
  • A released prisoner in Alberta must be given a gun and a horse. (So he can go back to committing crimes?)
  • You can’t allow the grass on your lawn to grow higher than an inch and a half in some parts of Ontario, unless of course, you don’t mind paying a fine of $200.
  • All business signs in Quebec must be in French – if you want signs in English, the French ones must be twice as big!

I’m sure if you dig deep enough there are other laws that are as strange as these, but that’s enough ridiculousness for a day I suppose.